Startup Resources in St Louis

St. Louis is becoming a great place to start and run a technology startup. There are some really good resources in St. Louis now for people interested in getting a startup running.

T-Rex, Home for St. Louis Startups

If you are working on your own idea for a startup or already have an early stage startup, then this is a great place to open your office. The office space is very affordable, more so than you would think. More important than the cheap space is being near so many other entrepreneurs. There are over 40 startups with an office currently at the T-Rex.

Find out more at the office web site:

ITEN, Information Technology Entrepreneur Network

ITEN is a non-profit St. Louis based organization that helps technology entrepreneurs accelerate their success by providing events and other resources. They sponsor events such as 1 Million Cups, a weekly chance for entrepreneurs to present their venture and ask advice from the community. A lively networking opportunity follows at the end of each meeting.

ITEN also provides a weekly newsletter of the best upcoming tech startup events, called ‘Startup Digest’.

“[ITEN is] Designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, requiring neither payment nor equity, ITEN is a unique community asset and a proven route to venture success.”

Find out more about ITEN at their official site:


Capital Innovators

“The Capital Innovators Accelerator Program provides $50,000 in seed funding, project-based mentorship from a seasoned pool of knowledgeable entrepreneurs, stellar perks, networking, and follow-on funding opportunities over the course of 12 weeks.”

Capital Innovators hosts a Demo Day every Spring for the companies they helped get started. This is a free event that anyone can attend.  This is a chance for others to come to the event and learn about these startup companies, and network within the startup community.

Visit their site to learn more.


I am only recently getting into the St. Louis startup scene, and I have much to explore. Visit the sites above and follow links to other startup resources.  If you are running a startup in St. Louis and need a software developer to help get your project done, then please let me know.  I am looking for opportunities to help others on their startup.

Disclaimer: I do not work for any of the companies listed on this page. I just think they do great work helping others.

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