When you create an application many times it works for you on your machine, but not when you deploy it elsewhere. This can happen on Azure websites or cloud services. But it isn’t the platforms fault. It would be the platforms fault if it didn’t supply a good way to determine the cause of the […]

Today Auto Async added a new feature to open a template in a dialog from any clickable element. This was designed for when you want to open a detail window in a dialog. Starting in version 3.0, this is as easy as putting a class of ‘template-dialog’ on a clickable element (anything that fires a […]

Windows Azure and some other cloud table storage systems do not support auto-increment identity columns as Microsoft Sql Server does. Azure groups records by a dual key, the partition key and the row key. The partition key is a group of related records that should all be stored together and you usually query within a […]

Auto-Async has released a new version 2.1.0. It now also includes a great read-me file with use cases and code examples. I have created a few web applications with cool asynchronous interactions with this library now. This library is speeding up my development cycle since I don’t have to write lots of complex JavaScript over […]

Microsoft Azure has a good quality SDK for interfacing with the Azure table storage REST HTTP interface. In the early days of Azure table storage you had to build your own query urls and process raw http rest style responses. Now with the Azure SDK 2.0 library we have .net code to interface with from […]

There are a few scenarios where you may want to generate your own unique sequence identifiers. You may be using a database or big data store that does not offer an auto-increment sequence feature. Or maybe you just want a short memorable alpha numeric order number capable of high volumes of unique values. Microsoft’s Azure […]

Here are comparison pictures of my new ZenBook and my old Dell Precision. Criteria A couple months ago I was in the market for a new laptop. I have been a developer on Microsoft platforms for my entire career, so Ideally I wanted a Windows based laptop. I have friends that own MacBook Pro Retina […]